Embrace a Resilient Business
& Agile IT


Architecture & Technology Consulting as a Service

In the new normal, Market Disruption is inevitable. Every business now needs technology, which is complex and is constantly and rapidly changing. For every organization to survive, sustain and succeed – the ability to adapt to these changing conditions is now more critical than ever before . BAssure can help you make the process easy by aiding you to create a business-wide scalable agile technology architecture, evolutionary IT capabilities and enhance your productivity by providing strategic consulting on technologies that fit your organization. We can guide you to.

Build a robust and agile business model. Modernize your technology portfolio through our iterative and incremental architectural processes, that move you to a target architecture through a set of transition phases. Create a better customer experience. Optimize your applications for performance and speed.

Services Offered

  • Solution & Architecture Definition for Products and Projects
  • Digital Transformation Blueprints & Roadmap
  • Business Problem Solving such as Poor CX, Operational Inefficiency, Poor Speed-to- Market/Deliver,etc.
  • Dealing Technical / Design Debt
  • Cloud Enablement Solutions
  • Business-IT Alignment
  • Build vs Buy vs Consume Analysis
  • Product & IP Business Case Validations Definition
  • Strategic IT Capability Development – Agile, Modern Skills
  • Architecture Assessment Recommendation for NFR
  • Enterprise, Applications, API and Data Security Assessment and Recommendations

Differentiators & Value Adds

EA, Digital Solutions Architect, Cloud Specialist, UX Specialist, Product Managers and Data

Discovery & Solution Definition, Assessment Frameworks, Build vs Buy vs Consume Guidelines

Industry Reference Models, Digital and Technical Reference Architectures

GoCloud – Cloud Deployment and Optimization Frameworks and Capabilities

Client Business Value and IT-Business Alignment Mapping Tools & Business benefit analysis tools.

Architecture as a Service
& Virtual CTO

Every company like yours must be a technology company. You may need a CTO and Enterprise Architecture function to shape the technology capability along the business journey.

Our V-CTO offering comes with exemplary skills and an out-of-the-box perspective, enabling them to produce the best possible solution for your needs and requirements.They can help you align the effective and efficient use of technology with strategic plans and your organization’s mission.

Our Architecture & V-CTO Service Models

Most organization’s challenge is to hire and retain high-end CTOs, Enterprise Architects & Digital Solution experts.
Our lucrative options will enable you to:

Pay Minimal for long term support from Pool of Experts on a regular basis


Support for 12 months

240 hrs

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Support for 12 months

320 hrs

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Support for 12 months

400 hrs

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