Empower your Organization
with Next-Gen Digital Talents

Next Gen Staffing

To sustain in this dynamic landscape, the ability to build new digital products and services in faster and efficient ways is imperative for any business. BAssure can assist you in this process. Our development service starts with assessing the clients’ ideas and risks and lists preferred features. We then research and analyze the market, mark a clear roadmap of the development process, and define the required technologies and architecture.

Our Engineers with a problem-solving mindset will then build the product in the agile process, checking in every stage if the product aligns with the client’s expectation. Our continuous integration and client support system will further empower the client with a robust future-safe product.

Why our Staffing Model is the best

  • • Quicker fulfilment of customer needed skills

  • • Talent pool with “Zero Bench Cost”

  • • Productivity/Billability from 0th month

  • • Highly fungible and adaptive

  • • Zero Sourcing Effort/Cost

Next Gen Skilling

Organizations are experiencing visible business disruptions due to digital skill gaps. Our staffing solution is primarily designed to bridge the gap. Our innovative staffing model will empower you to fulfill the critical roles with speed and efficiency and let you enjoy minimal opportunity losses and recruiting costs.

BAssure’s transformed talents come with full-stack technical and digital skills. In addition to zero sourcing cost and zero bench cost, a client will also get a dedicated engagement manager and continuous upskilling programs for the deployed resources from BAssure.

Why our Upskilling Model is the best

Our program begins with the outcome in mind and is highly result-driven. We take Organization specific needs and growth plans into careful consideration while tailoring a skilling program. With expert crafted use case & scenario-driven course helps the resources to stimulate and enhance their problem-solving ability.

Our programs ensure maximum learning through hands-on and experimental learning through real-time projects. We deliver collective skills with Full-Stack technical know-how such as Big Data, Analytics, API/Microservices, IoT, Cloud, Modern Architecture, and tools.

Full-Stack Skills

Higher Fungibility

Better Productivity

Enhanced Problem Solving Skills

How BAssure Model works